English 3 Annotated Bibliography Project

This guide is designed to help you explore topics and gather research sources for your annotated bibliography project. Your English teacher would like you to try using a research database as a way of sharpening your research skills and locating sources from a wide variety of publications.

The U.S. History in Context database is a great option for this project because it not only includes reference, news, and scholarly journal articles, but for many popular research topics the database also pre-organizes sets of research resources. This means the database has already done some of the work for you by collecting related resources together in a single location.

This ELA 3 Annotated Bibliography Project page contains information about accessing OE online resources off-campus and demonstrations of using U.S. History in Context database tools.

If you need additional help the library hours are Mon-Friday, 7.30-3.30 and advisory (create an e-hallpass for your advisory teacher to approve) on Mon, Thurs, and Fridays. My email is smcnerneyoe@olatheschools.org and your English teachers are: Ms. Bell kabell@olatheschools.org, Mr. Franzen sfranzenoe@olatheschools.org, Mr. McCalister llmccalister@olatheschools.org

Access OE Online Resources

Some of our databases require a password for access. Find a complete list of e-resources and login passwords in the link below. Forgotten the password to open the password list? Come see us in the library or email Ms. McNerney smcnerneyoe@olatheschools.org. 

Passwords for OE Electronic Resources

Video tutorial of the passwords page.

U.S. History in Context Guides

Video Database Guide:

Written Database Guide

MLA Citations

MLA Formatting— for your overall paper, and your Works Cited pages

MLA Works Cited— how to create a complete list of the resources cited in your paper

Purdue OWL– Purdue University’s great online MLA help site

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