Vohs Spring 2022 Mood Board Monday

These videos are read aloud recordings (some by Ms. Mac, some by professional recording artists) that are selected to help you capture the “mood” of a story– for fun. Most of the videos feature a short intro from Ms. Mac, followed by the read aloud, and finishing with a bit of commentary from Ms. Mac. If the book was intriguing please visit the OEHS library so you can borrow it! Also, I’ve edited the recordings to fit into our timeframe in class– so always be sure to start at the beginning because I’ve probably left out some parts for time (or to leave you some surprises!) Have a lovely day! Ms. Mac


Emmy and Oliver

Pro 26:47

Far from the Tree

Mac 23:19

Field Notes on Love

Pro 19:20


Pro 25:19

Fill-in Boyfriend

Pro 27:00

A Heart in a Body in the World

Mac 19:11

How it All Blew Up

Pro 19:56


Pro 26:50



Mac 30:00

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