Reading Suggestions

I, Ms. McNerney, believe reading should be enjoyable–and selecting the right reading materials is the most important step toward falling in love with reading. Helping you navigate the multitude of possibilities to locate exactly the right title you’re in the mood to try is my favorite activity. Please stop by the library so we can chat, understand what you want to read next, and offer you some personalized possibilities.

Don’t forget, I also believe life is too short for reading books we don’t love! Try a book and not having a love connection with it? Stop reading, bring it back and exchange it (I quit books in the middle all the time– it’s OK!!) Embracing your freedom to stop reading also provides you the freedom to try new titles, authors, and genres without fear of long-term commitment! You only have to marry the books you want to marry, we promise.

Know the book you want? Search the OE library here!

Browse the online Destiny library catalog by genre category: Written Directions

Browse the online Destiny library catalog by genre category: Video Directions coming soon (the catalog updated this summer and Ms. Mac needs to make a new video!)

Need a reading suggestion right now, this very second? I can help with that too. Start by exploring the following collection of online reading suggestions!

Video Book Talks from Ms. Mac

Yes, these are sometimes awkward. But they’re also funny (sometimes!) and the closest you will come to having a personalized book talk from Ms. Mac when you’re not in the library with her. Filmed originally during the Corona Quarantine these occasionally feature her wild dogs and cats, and her equally wild Corona hairstyles.

OE Book Lists– Some of our new and favorite books!

Book Lists

Free Online Book Suggestion Sites

  • What Should I Read Next– enter something you already like to see similar titles/authors
  • LibraryThing– search for a book you like and look at the similar title suggestions
  • GoodReads– very similar to LibraryThing, also has book lists of various kinds
  • NoveList Plus– search for a book you like and see titles of books readers think are similar