I love reading. I love cooking. I thought I’d combine all the loves on this page. Fun resources to turn all of us into gourmet chefs. Dream big, friends, dream big.

Instant Pot + the Library = Love Forever

Look, I may not be a mathematician (I can barely spell that word!) but I think Instant Pot + You = Love Forever as well. What’s an Instant Pot? It’s an electric pressure cooker that let’s you cook food fast as lightening. Why? Read about the magic of science here. Even better, an instant pot can do so much more than pressure cook for you– it can be a Crock Pot slow cooker, it can saute, it makes rice and quinoa like a dream, and it can even do your homework! OK, maybe not the last part, but it can allow you to cook LOTS of delicious foods even if you don’t have a full kitchen (hello there dorm rooms!) Check out my guide to getting started and some of my favorite recipes from what I like to call our “Library Cafe,” AKA my library office. Want to try using an Instant Pot but not ready to invest? Friend, I’ve got you covered. Come to the OE library and I will check one out to you to try for several weeks. Yes!

Alison Roman’s New York Times Cooking Videos

Yes, if I had a cooking spirit animal–or was going to be played by a famous person in a movie of my life– I would select Alison Roman. Ms. Roman makes flavorful food, she’s funny, and she has great lipstick. Cheffing (is that a new word?) and fashion, please meet delicious.

The Tiny Chef

Tired of the same old, same old talking head chefs? Think you know how to cook because you’ve seen one farmer’s wife make bread while a barbecue king smothers meats in sauce? Friend, that is just the tip of the cooking iceberg. The Tiny Chef wants to open your eyes to a new way of cooking. Reminiscent of the Swedish Chef, but improved by Miss Penny, his instructional videos are not to be missed. My only regret is that they are only available on Instagram, so you’ll need an account (ugh!)