E-books can be a great alternative to visiting the library for a print book. Two advantages: they save space in your bag, and they automatically check themselves in when due– no more public library fines!

Our local and public libraries have partnered to provide you with THOUSANDS of FREE e-books. All you need is a free public library card to get started!

Johnson County/Olathe Public Libraries

Johnson County and Olathe Public Libraries provide e-books and audiobooks through a program/app called Axis360. See below for directions on using Axis360.

JoCo/Olathe Public Library E-card and e-resource Overview
Video demo: Axis 360 e-book app on a PC web browser
Video demo: Axis 360 e-book app on an ipad/iphone

State Library of Kansas

CloudLibrary is the State Library of Kansas’ subscription to thousands of free e-books. This system requires a separate, free State Library card. See me, Ms. Mac, in the library and I can get you one in about 2 minutes!

CloudLibrary– e-book homepage with device-specific directions