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I pride myself in offering personalized reading, research, study, and life-long learning opportunities. World exploration partnerships are always customized and designed to match your unique interests and needs.

I’m here to help– whether you need a reading suggestion, help with a school project, or advice on a personal research goal. Let the library make your day a little brighter as I provide a calming oasis in a world that sometimes suffers from information overload. See you soon!

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Known Service Impacts: Secondary Library Staffing Reductions Document Link

Staffing Update: The document (linked above) details the main currently known secondary library service issues related to the secondary library staff being reduced to one person– who is now expected to provide services to 2000 students and 100+ staff members at the high school level. These known secondary library service impacts relate to four service areas: Library Safety/Supervision and Instructional Supports; Student Library Aides and Safety; Library Administration and Operations Delays; and Technology Supports. This document is designed to be an overview guide to encourage conversation– please reach out to discuss these topics with your school librarian! Olathe East: Shelly McNerney, smcnerneyoe@olatheschools.org

Staffing Update: The district has reduced secondary school library staffing by 50% for 2022-23. Mrs. Gaefke will no longer be employed here in the library, and library student service hours will be reduced from 80 hours to 40 hours per week. I have asked the Board of Education to provide specific implementation guidelines for which student services will be reduced– academic instruction or library supervision. It is not possible for me to simultaneously provide students with academic learning services while also supervising the large library space. As we wait on specific implementation guidelines please prepare for reduced library services in 2022-23. If this seems like a terrible elimination, please share by contacting our superintendent, Dr. Brent Yeager: byeagerec@olatheschools.org

Daily Drop-In Library Visits: Between 8am and 3 pm students visiting the library for book return/checkout or for a consultation with me will request a yellow hall pass from their teacher. If the library doors are locked I am teaching a class, in a meeting, or away at lunch- and library supervision is unavailable. The supervision shortage/locked doors is one result of the district’s secondary library staff reduction. Teachers receive a daily email of the library schedule in order to minimize students who find the library locked unexpectedly.

Seminar: Students are welcome to visit and stay in the library to work on individual study during seminars on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday– provided a pre-pass was picked up from me that morning. Students may visit for a quick drop-in activity (return a book, renew a book, checkout a book and head back to class, pick up printing) with a yellow pass from the seminar teacher.

Reading Research Study Life

My passion is creating readers by matching them with just the right reading material. The Reading tab offers personalized reading suggestions, resources for discovering new titles and authors, and how-to advice for using e-books, audiobooks, and e-magazines.

Information is power. The Research tab contains links to our databases and encyclopedias–providing easy access to thousands of reliable sources. OE library also partners with local and state libraries for expanded access to even more specialized content.

Partnerships are the heart of the library’s existence. The Study tab contains links related to classroom assignments, online standardized test preparation resources (ACT, SAT, AP and more), online homework/study aides and resources for learning new languages.

Libraries are places of learning, exploration, and assistance even beyond academics. The Life tab sparks interest in learning that goes beyond the traditional academic curriculum, encouraging personal engagement and community connections. Have fun exploring!

Why You’ll Love the Library

You’ll love it because I love spending time with you, understanding your goals, and partnering with you to achieve them.

  • Smile! Your visits make me happy!
  • Personalized service!
  • Inclusive! I believe in equality for all.
  • Access! Online sources are open 24/7

What is Seminar?

Three days a week students have study hall periods when they can visit the library to read, study, borrow books, or get research help.

The library aims to provide a welcoming, calm oasis for those moments when students need to unwind in a focused setting.

Reservations Accepted

Study spaces available:

Individual reading in lounge chairs

Individual studying at tables

Partner projects at tables

Large screen computer collaboration

During Seminar

Ms. McNerney available for:

Book suggestions

Book checkout & returns

Writing assistance

Research assistance