Libby App Basics

This is a general guide to try and provide some general guidance on using the Libby app– this is NOT comprehensive by any means! If you have questions that are not answered in this guide reach out to the Libby help guide or your local public librarian!

What types of e-resources can you borrow in Libby?

E-books, audiobooks, and e-magazines!

Why use Libby if you live in KC?

Several of our local public libraries have e-resources in Libby, so you can check out content from multiple library systems and find it all in the same app!

Which local libraries use the Libby app?

Johnson County Public Library = e-magazines

Kansas City Public Library = e-books and audiobooks

Mid-Continent Public Library = e-books, audiobooks, and e-magazines

How do I get started using Libby with multiple library accounts?

First use this guide to get the required three cards and link them into a single account.

Next, download the Libby app from your device’s app store.

How do I connect multiple accounts in Libby?

Search for your first library system and enter your card number (and PIN if required).

Once that account is created click on the “My Account” icon in the bottom footer

Once you are in your account you can add libraries. You can also adjust your preferences for the app in the “Settings” menu.

How do I navigate the main parts of the Libby app?

Image from

How do I find e-books or audiobooks or magazines by format?

Method 1- Search for specific title, author, or subject

Click the “Magnifying Glass” icon in the footer and enter your search terms. Then limit results by “Format” in the “Preferences” menu.

Method 2- Browse! It’s like a treasure hunt to find the unexpected!

Open search using “Magnifying Icon” but instead of putting in a search term I click the “available now” tag in the “Explore with Filters” heading underneath the search bar.

That will give you LOTS of results– with links to three categories– books, audiobooks, and magazines. Click whichever format you prefer.

How can I narrow my search results?

Method One: “Preferences” button

In the search results use the “Preferences” button to add more filters– I usually change these fields:

Format– if I want anything, books, audiobooks, or magazines

Language- select your preferred reading language

Supports– Libby (so the file will open in the Libby app)

Availability– “Available Now” = available to read immediately, “Everything” = some titles will require you to place a hold and wait before they are available

Sort By– Select how you want to results to be displayed– I usually due “Release Date” or “Popularity”

The click “Apply Preferences”

Method Two: “Refine” Button

You can also adjust your results using the “Refine” button. Besides the options available in “Preferences” it adds a helpful “Subjects” option. This can be useful! I typically use the “Subject” option to find categories like “Young Adult Fiction” “Young Adult Literature” or other genre categories like “Mystery”.

How do I learn more about a title and borrow it?

Tapping a cover image will let you read more about the book/magazine, and will display a button to borrow the book/magazine as well.

How can I create reading lists- like to-reads, 5 star lists, etc?

You can do this using the “tagging” feature. Here’s the page that explains how to create and organize lists with tags. I like this for keeping track of books I don’t want right now, but might want in the future (like the “Wishlist”

Where can I learn more about Libby?

Official Libby support site

Fourteen pro-tips from the makers of Libby

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