MASUltra Database How-to Guide

MasUltra is great if you are looking for newspaper and magazine sources. After you search it’s easy to limit your results to results that include PDF or HTML versions of the sources, and to limit by date range as well. See below for some quick screenshot tutorials of basic searching and basic limiting of results.

MasUltra should not require a login, unless you are accessing the database from a location other than Kansas. In that case you would need a State Library of Kansas card. Email Ms. McNerney your full name and birthdate if you need to have a card created for you.

The MasUltra homescreen will open with a Basic Search as your default:

Once you have completed your search you will likely need to limit (reduce) your search results if there are more than 100 results. Here are directions for limiting your search results:

Once you click on the blue source title in your results the details and options for that source will open (below).

The right-hand sidebar of the article details screen allows you to print, save, or email the article. I suggest emailing so you have access to the source from any device.

You also have the option to have the database create a citation. Be sure to select the correct citation format, and after cutting and pasting the citation into your research paper use the appropriate style guide to correct any errors (it’s just a computer program that generates this citation, not a real human, so your human brain should check and correct any computer program errors!)

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