Parker/Mulvihill Independent Reading

Hi everyone, I’m so glad you are enrolled in a class this spring where you get to read books that YOU CHOOSE! I know not all of you know me, I’m Ms. McNerney (Ms. Mac) the Olathe East librarian at Olathe East. I’m collaborating with you on this project because I’m Mrs. Mulvihill’s school librarian. But I’ll be sharing resources with you that apply to all the schools– and I’m happy to help you regardless of where you typically attend school. If you want to know more about me there’s a bio on this page.

  • My goals for this collaboration are to:
    • share several resources to help you select a book that sounds interesting
    • demonstrate how you can locate and request books in your home school’s online catalog– Destiny Discover
    • provide directions and/or contact information for your home school library for you to arrange to pick up your requested books

Selecting a Book

I think that book selection is the most important step in determining if you are going to have a pleasant or miserable reading experience. But I know it can be hard (and it sometimes takes more than one try!) In order to help you with this process I’m going to give you a lot of sources of suggestions.

  • Class Book Talks via Zoom– I’ll meet with your class to share live suggestions. Here’s a list of at least most of the books and authors I mentioned (I always forget some!)
  • Personalized Book Suggestions– We can communicate via email or schedule a live Zoom if you’d like more individualized suggestions! For either option send me an email at
  • Video Book Talks— recorded in my living room during quarantine, pretty awkward, but if you like hearing someone ramble about books while being interrupted by cats and dogs, there are about 75 for you to explore.
  • Book lists galore– See below for lots of different lists of book ideas!

Book Lists

Borrowing Books!

Borrowing books from your home school library consists of two steps. The first is searching the online catalog, Destiny Discover, to confirm your book is available. Secondly, you will place a hold on that available book. Directions for each of your home schools are listed below:

Olathe East Catalog

Browse the OE online Destiny library catalog by genre category: Written Directions

Browse the OE online Destiny library catalog by genre category: Video Directions

Olathe North Catalog— use the ON catalog link, and the OE directions, above.

Olathe Northwest Catalog— ONW specific directions for holds located here

Olathe South Catalog— use the OS catalog link, and the OE directions, above.

Olathe West– Follow the directions on the file, “Putting a book on hold in Destiny Discover” which is located on this page.

Picking Up Your Book

Each school has a slightly different system for picking up books. I’ve tried to give you some school-specific information, as well as your home librarian’s contact information. Please contact them directly if you have questions about how to pick up your books.

Olathe East— Check your student email! If there is an issue with your book request we will email you. If you DO NOT hear from us that’s good news because it means your book will be ready for pickup Thursday, Jan. 28th and Friday, Jan. 29th. Your book will be located on a bookshelf between the two sets of doors in the main entrance of the school. You will need an ID to enter the building– and let the office staff know you are here just to pick up your book from the bookshelf. Email me, if you have any questions!

Olathe North— Contact Mr. Zink, to arrange a book pickup.

Olathe Northwest— Mrs. Ketchum, will send you an email when your book is ready to be picked up.

Olathe South— Mrs. Brown, would like you to call the front office so the library can have the book waiting for you. Olathe South office phone number: 913-780-7160. Additional tutorial directions.

Olathe West— Email library assistant, Mrs. Schiefelbein, and she will arrange a pickup process with you.

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