Top Ten Most Popular OE Books

Here are the top ten most popular books. We’ve included the title and genre and a brief little book description to catch your interest.

If you would like to borrow one of these books you can either send Ms. Mac an email, or place a hold online.

Looking for Alaska– Mystery

Miles is new at his boarding school where he’s paying attention to everything BUT his classes.  The mysteriously beautiful and wickedly funny Alaska is so much more interesting, as are the brilliantly terrible mean pranks he helps create for fellow students.  But underneath the humor and drama is escalating tension.  Each chapter begins with a countdown, preparing you for an unknown event which the characters don’t expect.  The last section of the book follows these friends as they search and process for the truth of that event.  Brilliant, funny, and thoughtful– this is a book that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading.  Always in our top 10 most popular books!

Scythe- Scifi– and the sequel Thunderhead

Far in the future a brilliant artificial intelligence has helped humanity by curing disease and death.  But then it realizes that without the possibility of death, life has less meaning.  So this AI creates a team of assassins to balance the scales.  This is what happens when two ordinary high school students, Citra and Rowen, find themselves in an unusual relationship with an assassin who puts their lives at risk, but not in the way you’re going to expect.  This one is action-packed, one of our all-time favorites.  Trust us, this one is going to keep you up late reading with all it’s surprises.  SO GOOD!

Unwind- Scifi

A second U.S. civil war has resulted in abortions becoming illegal. But, the government recognizes that after a chance at life, between ages 13-18 parents and guardians deserve the right to evaluate if their child is “worthy.”  If not, they can have their children unwound– trust me, it’s not a good thing.  This is the heart-pounding story of three teens, each on the run from the government, whose survival efforts bring them together in unexpected ways.  But will it be enough?  So good, so shocking, and an absolutely unforgettable unwinding scene! 

Tell No One- Mystery

Dr. Beck’s wife was brutally murdered years ago, and suddenly someone is torturing him with anonymous emails containing information only she should know.  This mild-mannered doctor, his life shattered by unimaginable tragedy, finds himself tracking killers as he’s pulled into a plot of deception he may die trying to solve.  This one can be confusing in the middle as lots of characters seem to be unrelated– it’s OK, you’re confused just the way Dr. Beck is.  Just keep going and all of a sudden the threads will come together and you’ll read the last part without stopping.  Trust us!

Stolen- Realistic

Gemma meets a cute guy at the airport, but this isn’t the start of a romance.  He drugs her coffee, kidnaps her, and holds her hostage in an isolated cabin.  But, unlike the kidnapper you expect, Ty claims that he’s doing this to help Gemma, not to hurt her.  The weird thing about this book is that you might find yourself starting to believe him.  This one is a psychological thriller and both you and Gemma try to understand Ty’s motivations and decide on whether escape is possible, or even a good idea.  This one is unlike any other books we have, and it’s always one of our most popular.  Read this with a friend because you’re going to need to talk about the end!

Crusher- Mystery

Finn’s being investigated by the police who believe he brutally murdered his stepdad.  But Finn believes a local London mob boss is responsible, and he decides to go after vigilante justice.  But his dad may have been hiding more secrets than Finn realizes… This book has lots of dark atmosphere, grittiness, and a string of surprises.  I didn’t see the end coming at all!

Enclave- Scifi

In this literally dark dystopia few people are allowed to leave the safety of their walled habitat.  But our two main characters are assigned the job of scavenging the outside world for supplies, when things suddenly GO VERY WRONG and they must fight to survive.  Non-stop action and adventure, a hint of potential romance, and a surprising location make this perfect for fans of Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, etc.

The Naturals- Mystery

Cassie’s working as a waitress when an FBI agent makes a surprising attempt to recruit her to a training program that examines old unsolved cases.  She doesn’t really want to become an agent, but she does want the chance to re-open the unsolved case of her mother’s brutal murder.  So she accepts the position, but unraveling old secrets puts the lives of all the trainees in harm’s way.  A great opening to a mystery series!

The Body Finder– Romance/mystery

Violet has two problems in her life– she just found the body of a teenage girl floating in a lake, and she might be in love with her childhood best friend (who might not like her that way.)  Which is worse, potentially unrequited love, or accidentally drawing the attention of a serial killer?  Only time will tell.  This one is the perfect blend of truly creepy murder mystery with the tension of friendship possibly turned romantic.  I couldn’t put it down (the chapters from the killer’s perspective will give you chills!)

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