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Hey Wellness Friends! Here are some resources to help you with your ongoing efforts to achieve your personal best in wellness and in life! Ms. Vohs and I are always here to help, so let us know if you need anything Have a great day, Ms. Mac

I’m going to post resources here to help you with access to reading materials (print, ebooks, and audiobooks) as well as places to find reading suggestions.

Public Library Resources

The public library has an incredible set of resources for you that you could use for this project (and for your life!)– in print and electronic format. The trick to using them is that you need a public library card number to get started. Here are a few options:

Think you have a public library card already and you know the card number and PIN number?

Check to make sure everything is working by logging in here-if everything works you are all set to use both electronic and print resources!

Getting an error message? Call the public library for help: 913.971. 6851

Think you have a public library card already but you don’t know the card number and/or PIN number?

Call the public library for help: 913.971. 6851

Know you need a card? Get an e-card to use public library e-materials!

Complete the online form

Be sure to take a photo or write down your library card number and PIN! If you decide later on that you want to borrow printed materials, visit the library and they will help you add print materials to your card’s permissions

Getting an error message? Call the public library for help: 913.971. 6851

Accessing public library e-books and audiobooks

Once you have your library card and PIN number use this guide for resources on using Axis360, the public library app for e-books and audiobooks.

Axis 360 Guide

Small supplemental guide for Audiobooks on Axis360

Wellness Book Selection Resources

9-28 This is our Story by Elston

9-28 Fill-In Boyfriend by West

10-13 Girl from Widow Hills (e/audiobook from public library) by Miranda

E-magazines Public Library

Here’s a link full of guides to using RBDigital, the public library e-magazine app

Google Slides

Ms. Vohs has created a Google slides template you will be using to share your recipes. Simply open that link, find your slides (assigned to you by number) and insert your recipe information.

Just in case you are new to Google Slides, here’s a little cheat sheet of some basic functions including logging in w/ your school email, starting a presentation, sharing, etc.

Here’s a brief tips sheet from Google as well about adding images and editing Slide presentations.

And because images are sometimes tricky, here’s a guide to editing images in GSlides.

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