New and Popular Mysteries

Here are mysteries– a few are old favorites but most are brand new. We’ve included the title and a brief little book description to catch your interest.

If you would like to borrow one of these books you can either send Ms. Mac an email, or place a hold online.

Individual Mystery Books!

The Accidental Bad Girl 

Prep school senior Kendall finds more than her reputation in danger when her online identity is hacked, getting her involved with drug dealers, detectives, and others who are not who they appear to be.

All Eyes on Us

Amanda and Rosalie only have one thing in common– the same cheating boyfriend!  And yet they end up becoming unlikely allies when a blackmailer threatens to expose their secrets.  Can they identify their blackmailer before it’s too late?

The Black Coats

The cousin of a girl whose killer went free is invited to join a covert society of assassins who exact revenge on men who hurt women. The organization soon tests Thea’s resolve with its escalating levels of brutality.

Burning Blue

Jay begins investigating the horrific acid attack that left star cheerleader Nicole’s face badly disfigured.  But the truth isn’t going to be easy to uncover.  This one has lots of twists and turns as some people give Jay the truth, and others try to mislead him.  This one is always popular!

The Cousins

After receiving an invitation to spend the summer with their estranged grandmother, the Story cousins arrive at her house only to discover that she is not there, and the longer they stay on the island, the more they realize their mysterious family history has some deadly secrets.


Olivia’s friendship with her new neighbor turns dangerous when the new residents start receiving threatening letters.  The house and town may be hiding sinister secrets, which could tear their whole world apart.

Curious Toys

Joining a gang near the famous Riverview amusement park in 1915 Chicago, the daughter of a fortune teller teams up with a reclusive artist to track down a serial killer responsible for a child’s disappearance.

Don’t look Back

After being missing for three days Samantha’s been found.  But her complete amnesia means she doesn’t know what happened, or why her best friend is still missing.  Or is she lying to cover up her own involvement in the disappearance?  And if she’s not, can she trust anyone to tell her the truth about her forgotten life to help her understand why she’s a kidnapping target?  So many twists and turns, the suspense in this one lasts the entire novel.

Dreaming Darkly

Sent to live with her uncle on the cold, creepy island of Darkhaven, Ivy experiences unexplained blackouts and grapples with secrets from her dead mother’s past and a legacy of murders that have been committed by her family.

Frozen Beauty 

Searching for answers when her community draws its own conclusions about her sister’s murder, Tessa struggles to exonerate a much-loved boy next door while navigating painful discoveries.

The Girl from Widow Hills

Famous for her childhood miraculous survival of a dangerous storm, a young woman changes her name and struggles to hide from the media.  Things are going well– until she wakes up one night outside with a dead body at her feet.

The Girl who was supposed to Die

A girl wakes up in a cabin, with amnesia, and hears two men planning to kill her.  Can she survive?  This one has short chapters and non-stop action.  Always a favorite!

Heartwood Box

When Araceli is sent to stay with her great-aunt, the plan is simple: she’ll buckle down and get ready for college. But her aunt’s life, and the lives of the townspeople, are surrounded by mysterious behaviors no one ever talks about. To solve these riddles Araceli must delve into a truly diabolical conspiracy, but some secrets fight to stay buried…

I Killed Zoe Spanos 

Hoping for a new start when she accepts a summer nanny job in the Hamptons, Anna is drawn into the disappearance case of a local teen who she eerily resembles while a local podcaster searches for answers.

If You’re Out There

Zan’s pretty upset when her best friend Priya moves to California and starts ghosting her.  Though Priya’s social media posts continue showing her embracing the laid-back Cali lifestyle, soon Zan and her new friend Logan wonder if the posts are really Priya, or if someone is impersonating her because she’s been harmed…Cue investigation.  I enjoyed this one, and the end was actually much creepier than I anticipated.

The Justice Project

High-school student Matt, whose life has been upended by a serious injury, lands a summer job defending the wrongly convicted.

Life is Short and Then you Die

These short stories highlight teens dealing with MURDER! 

None Shall Sleep

Having escaped a serial killer when she was younger, Emma gets recruited by the FBI to interview convicted teen serial killers in prison.  But it doesn’t take long before she’s pulled into an active case and she and her partner’s lives are at stake.  This one kept Ms. Mac up at night to finish!  Creepy!

This is our Story

Five friends go hunting, one ends up being shot dead.  The others know it was an accident and vow to tell the same story to protect each other.  But Kate had secretly been texting with the dead guy, and she’s convinced there’s a more sinister explanation.  Her investigation puts her own life, and perhaps the lives of others, in danger.

Safest Lies

Kelsey’s grown up in a heavily guarded house with a mother who never leaves.  So when Kelsey sneaks out to meet a friend one night she’s surprised to return home only to find her mom missing and herself in a fight for her own survival!  This one is tense and will keep you guessing!

Secrets Lies and Scandals

Teens Ivy, Tyler, Kinley, Mattie, and Cade are involved in the death of their elderly teacher and must find a way to trust each other–or put the blame on each other.

Six Months Later

While in detention Chloe falls asleep and doesn’t wake up until after nightfall.  Her confusion only grows when she goes outside and sees it snowing– and it was spring when she fell asleep.  Turns out she’s forgotten the last six months, and seems to be an almost completely different person than when she fell asleep.  Can she keep her new awareness of her amnesia a secret long enough to figure out what’s going on?  And can she trust her (forgotten) new boyfriend? Can she trust the more rebellious guy she finds herself attracted to now?  Or can she trust no one?  This one’s full of surprises, and perfect for fans of Don’t Look Back.

A Sky for Us Alone

When Harlowe’s brother is killed by the Praters, the family who controls everything from the mines to the law to the opioid trade, he wonders if the future will ever hold more than loss.

Some Kind of Animal

Suspected of attacking a boy from town and determined to protect her secrets and her twin sister, Jo flees into the woods, where she discovers the truth behind her mother’s disappearance fifteen years ago.

The Terrorist

Laura, an American living in London, tries to find the person responsible for the terrorist bombing that killed her brother.

White Night 

Just outside of Bo’s small town lies a secretive off-the-grid community called Garden of Eden.  When Bo meets Rory he begins to suspect that Eden may not be utopia after all.  Its leader’s goal to go off the grid may be more permanent – and more dangerous – than anyone could have predicted.

Mystery Fiction Series with Recent New Additional Books!  

Bayview High Series

Five people in high school detention.  One ends up dead.  Anonymous blog posts start revealing the survivor’s secrets.  Which one wanted the secrets hidden enough to kill over it?  You’ll have to read to find out.  Great suspense and truly surprising twists!

  • One of Us is Lying #1
  • One of Us is Next #2

Beware the Wild Series

A teenaged girl and her boyfriend must find her older brother after he wanders into their town’s swamp and a mysterious girl appears in his place.

  • Beware the Wild #1
  • Behold the Bones #2

Debutantes Series

Sawyer’s had a rough upbringing with her single (often absent) mother and never identified father. So when her rich grandmother offers her half a million dollars to move in and spend her senior year becoming a rich-girl debutante she agrees– both for the cash and to investigate her father’s identity.  But along the way she uncovers lots of menacing secrets.  This novel has an unusual structure, with chapters bouncing back and forth in time.  But, if you stick with it, you may find yourself intrigued as you try to guess how the past tense chapters have led to five rich debutantes being locked in a local jail.

  • Little White Lies #1
  • Deadly Little Scandals #2

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Series

The case is closed, everyone in town knows that five years ago Andie was murdered by her boyfriend Sal, who then committed suicide out of guilt.  Everyone knows it, except Pippa, who is convinced there’s more to the story.  Investigating the murder as part of her senior project, Pip starts uncovering secrets that someone in town desperately wants to stay hidden.  Is the real killer still out there?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.  Such good suspense, such good investigating, such good characters.  LOVE it!

  • A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder #1
  • Good Girl, Bad Blood #2 (arriving later this spring!!!!!!!)

Killing November Duology

A murder at an elite and secretive boarding school makes one new girl a target.

  • Killing November #1
  • Hunting November #2

Ninth House Series

Surviving a horrific multiple homicide, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks is unexpectedly offered a full scholarship to Yale, where her mysterious benefactors task her with monitoring the university’s secret societies.  Creepy, magical, and deadly.

  • Ninth House #1

Shadow Game Trilogy

The City of Sin is no place for a proper young lady like Enne, who is trying to find her missing mom.  Working with Levi– a con man with his own enemies– may deliver more danger than assistance.

  • Ace of Shades #1
  • King of Fools #2
  • Queen of Volts #3

Trouble is a Friend of Mine Trilogy

Zoe’s lonely in her new town after her parents’ divorce, until she meets the strange (yet intriguing) Digby.  He’s trying to solve a past family tragedy, and he sees a potential investigative partner in the new girl.  Digby relentlessly drags Zoe into dangerous situations, but it turns out she’s developing her own attraction to the adrenalin rush that follows narrow escapes.  This book has snappy dialogue, a creepy mystery, good sidekick characters, and relationships that are constantly shifting.  It’s the start of a trilogy, and I thoroughly enjoyed all three.

  • Trouble is a Friend of Mine #1
  • Trouble Makes a Comeback #2
  • Trouble Never Sleeps #3

Truly Devious Quartet

Two murders, separated by decades, at the same boarding school lead curious Stevie and her friends into harm’s way.  This is the start to a series as the dual-timeline investigations slowly reveal the school’s, and the character’s, secrets.  This one sort of reminds me of The Westing Game or a game of Clue!

  • Truly Devious #1
  • The Vanishing Stair #2
  • The Hand on the Wall #3
  • The Box in the Woods #4 (arriving later this spring!)

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