Testing and Education Reference Center (TERC) Guide

When you use this database on an ON CAMPUS you will just click the link for the Testing and Education Reference Center (link also located on the OE library “Databases” page) and then create/login to your personal account. 

When you use the TERC database when you are OFF CAMPUS you’ll need to login TWICE. First you’ll login with the OE school password- included in PASSWORD link below. You’ll need the school password to open the PASSWORDS page.  If you don’t remember it, email me, smcnerneyoe@olatheschools.org  Click here for a video demonstration of the passwords page.


After logging into TERC with your school database password you will create/login to your own personalized account with the Login/New User Signup button.

Screenshot of TERC Homepage Login/New User Signup Location

I suggest using the following information (this way I can give you hints if you forget your account info) but how you register is really up to you.  Here are the suggestions:

Suggestions of account registration information

The Testing and Ed Ref Center organizes its resources into tabs at the top of the page.  Here’s a quick cheat sheet of where different commonly used items are located. 

Improve your Score: 

-Academic Skills: contains reviews on math, science, reading, and writing skills

– Test Prep– ACT/SAT/AP/Career Tests

Find a School:

-Research colleges and universities!

Explore Careers: contains a variety of materials to help with specific career development

Vocational Test Prep: resources to help you prepare for career employment tests:

Here are some instructions on navigating to the Test Prep resources in the “Improve your Score” tab

High School— help with high school class studying and AP test prep

College Prep– ACT/SAT/PSAT/Accuplacer and more college admissions/placement tests

Here’s a sample of how TERC organizes the test prep materials (ACT is demo subject)

Sample of ACT Prep Material Options

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