Encyclopedia Britannica School Guide

Some of our databases require a password for access. Find a complete list of e-resources and login passwords in the link below. Forgotten the password to open the password list? Come see me in the library or email me: smcnerneyoe@olatheschools.org. Click here for a video tutorial of the passwords page.

When you open the Encyclopedia Britannica School link you will first need to select the “High School” Edition.

Searching for a Topic

In the High School edition enter your search terms for your topic.

In the search results use the brief summaries to evaluate which results are most relevant. The best article may not always have the exact title as your search terms. For example skin cells are described in an article called “Human Skin” (see screenshot below for example).

Screenshot of Encyclopedia Britannica search results

Open the article by selecting the title.  Skim the article to see if it contains the type of information you need for this project.  If so, BEFORE TAKING NOTES, email the article to yourself so you have it for future reference.  To email simply click the blue arrow icon at the top of the article and enter your address (see screenshot below).

Screenshot highlighting the icon button for emailing articles.

Other Brittanica School tools:

Search Within Article: Quickly Find Specific Terms

Open the article. Press keyboard keys “Control F” on a PC, or “Command F” on a Mac to open a new search window (see screenshot below) and enter your search term. If your term appears in the article it will highlight those locations and allow you to easily jump to those locations (see screenshot below)

When you find a useful article it is a good idea to also click the “Related” tab at the top of the page. Often the encyclopedia will suggest articles you may not have thought to search for directly (like “beekeeping” when you are researching “bees). These articles can often help you expand your research and add details to your information.

Required MLA Citation information/formatting

Author’s last name, first name. “Article title.” Book Title, book publisher, day month year article was published. Full web url. Access day month year.

Sample MLA Encyclopedia Britannica School Citation

Vanacore, Constance. “Dog.” Britannica School, Encyclopædia Britannica, 21 Nov. 2019. school.eb.com/levels/high/article/dog/108360. Accessed 12 May. 2020.

Creating an MLA Citation for Encyclopedia Britannica

Start by using the Encyclopedia Britannica School Citation tool– the blue checkmark icon at the top of the page, which will open a citation box (see screenshot below).

In the citation box that opens check that dropdown menu is set to MLA and then copy and paste the citation into your Works Cited document (see screenshot below)

You then need to check if there is an author(s) that you need to add to the cut and pasted citation. To check if there are author(s) you need to add look at the very bottom of the article for a greyish box labeled “article contributors” Click it to see the authors (see screenshot below).

Once you have opened the “Article Contributors” page all you need is the first and last name for all authors listed.

“Article Title” = In the grey area at the top of the page, typically just under the search bar (screenshot below).

Book Title= Britannica School

Publisher= Encyclopedia Brittanica

Have more questions or need more help? Visit Ms. McNerney in the library!

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