MLA Parenthetical (in-text) Citations

Modern Language Association (MLA) provides guidelines on formatting and citing sources when you are writing. This page contains two guides to help:

1- Parenthetical/in-text Citations

In-text citations are required when you either paraphrase information, or use a direct quote.  Here’s an example:

Direct Quote:

Students with certified school librarians, “demonstrate greater research skills, flexibility in information gathering, and more capacity to synthesize information” than their peers who graduated from high schools that did not employ certified librarians (McNerney 18).

Paraphrase Example:

Recent school library research reveals that students in schools with certified school librarians are more academically successful in college (McNerney 18).

Use this handy PDF flow-chart to determine what information needs to be included in the parenthetical citation in your paragraphs.

2- Parenthetical/In-text Citations Flow Chart

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