Kimmel Junior Independent Reading

We are so excited for you to start an independent reading project! This is an amazing opportunity to have CHOICE in what you decide to read. Have fun with this– read more of a favorite author or genre OR mix it up by trying something completely new.

The amount of enjoyment you get out of this experience is DIRECTLY related to how much you are enjoying your book. We want to help you find one that sounds good, not force you to just grab a poor random book off the shelf that you don’t even think sounds interesting.

Below you will find a collection of book suggestions to help you get started! Have questions, want a book recommendation, just want to say hi? Send Ms. Mac an email

Ms. Mac’s Video Book Talks

Listen to me talk about five popular favorites (and laugh at how awkward I am on camera!)

Start with this video book talk introduction!

Each video book talk is followed by a list of five similar titles that you might also enjoy. Clicking on the title link will take you to the online library catalog, Destiny, where you can read more about the book. If you like the book and want to put it on hold simply click the “Login” button in the book description, login using your school username and password, and then press “Hold.” Boom, you’re done!

Skip the intro blurb by jumping to 0:55 in the video!

Read Alikes for Looking for Alaska

Realistic and Possibly some romance
To skip the intro blurb skip ahead to 57 seconds into the video!

Read Alikes for Field Notes on Love

Science Fiction.
To skip the intro blurb start at 47 seconds into the video!

Read Alikes for Warcross

To skip the intro blurb start at about 35 seconds into the video!

Read Alikes for Every Other Weekend

Fantasy Action

Read Alikes for City of Bones

More sources of book suggestions!

Searching for a book by genre category: written directions

Placing a hold on a book to check it out: written directions

Searching by genre and placing a hold: video directions

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