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Take screenshots of all your e-card numbers!! Write PINs on the photos!

Kansas City Public Library (KCPL)

Get an E-card

Pick a simple PIN

Then check registered email account to use the verification link to activate your account

Mid-Continent Public Library (MCPL)

Get an E-card

When it asks for your pickup location you can pick any– it doesn’t matter unless you plan on borrowing physical items from this library branch.

Then check registered email for account verification link– 1st time PIN birthdate dd/mm/yyyy

Johnson County Public Library (JoCo)

Only JoCo residents can get an e-card, but non-residents can return paper application in person (with driver’s license) to get “regular” card which will then grant e-resource access. Once you have that you can link your JoCo online cards just like we did with KCPL and MCPL.

Get an E-card

Use the same PIN as Kansas City Public Library

Use this link: Login to check your card/PIN numbers if you think you already have a card


Login to Kansas City Public Library (my screenshots are from JoCo, but KCPL will be the same!)

Select “My Settings” in your main account menu:

At the bottom of the left sidebar you should see an option to “Link your Accounts”

You will select the new library, enter your new account details, and you should be good to go!

When you have completed the process you will see your three accounts appearing together. You can edit settings for each as needed:


Once you’ve created and linked your accounts go to MCPL settings and reset PIN to match the other two!

Then take a screenshot of the library accounts page that shows all account numbers and write PIN on that photo. Bam, simplification!

It will take time to learn the different systems– be patient and just have fun slowly exploring! I’m here to help you navigate– and the public libraries have great support as well.

Here are a few library apps I use:

Libby*E: books, audiobooks, magazinesJoCo, MCPL
Libby*E: books, audiobooksKCPL
PressReaderE-magazines, newspapersKCPL

*Libby Pro Tip– the Libby app let’s you add multiple accounts so you can see e/audiobooks from Johnson County, KCPL and MCPL and magazines from JoCo and MCPL all in the same place!! What???!!? That makes Libby my top choice for e-reading apps in KC! See this resource for more info on navigating Libby!

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